Bin Hamoodah Trading and General Services (BHTGS) represents world class overseas companies across a number of sectors in the UAE including oil and gas, power, water, rail, construction and IT… Read More

Joint Venture & Acquisitions
In such a vibrant and competitive market as the UAE, there is a constant demand for more efficient, cost effective business solutions. With its headquarters in the Emirate… Read More


Founded in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates in 1966, Bin Hamoodah Trading and General Services (BHTGS) provide a world class multinational and multicultural platform for foreign investors to operate in the UAE. Representing some of the most successful global brands in oil and gas, power, water, rail, construction and IT, BHTGS has a proven heritage of sustainable operational success and the strategic skills to pave the way for even greater growth.

As the company’s portfolio has increased dramatically both horizontally and vertically over recent years, its geographic reach has expanded with it, reaching businesses from markets as diverse as China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Korea, Slovakia, Australia, Turkey, UK, and USA. Constantly setting itself new goals, BHTGS’ ambitions for more global partnerships are reaching even further afield into new industriess…  Read More

PARTNERS  I  BHTGS does more than just represent brands – it builds them.