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Chairman's Message

The Bin Hamoodah Trading and General Services’ (BHTGS) journey began in 1966 with the ultimate goal of representing world class foreign brands in the United Arab Emirates, while providing the best service to customers and the best value to partners.

Through our commitment to these ideals, the BHTGS portfolio now includes industry leaders across a range of sectors such as oil and gas, power, water, rail, construction and IT, which have become integral to the growth of the UAE. Representing these world class brands has not only forged lasting relationships, it has driven organic and strategic growth, constantly offering new opportunities for both partners.

The path to expansion, increased market share and continued success lies in sustainability which is why BHTGS ensures that all of its partners have a heritage of achievements as well as the capacity to grow. With those criteria in place, we become more than representatives for those brands, we become their ambassadors.

The opportunity for joint ventures and acquisitions in the UAE has always been an attractive – and lucrative – proposition for investors and BHTGS has the local knowledge, financial expertise and available assets to realise that potential. Our commitment to representing world class brands in the UAE is unwavering and the prospect of increasing our investment in new business is more attractive than ever.

These fundamental business principals are perfectly in line with our pledge to contribute to the UAE economy and reflect its values of progress, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit. As we see the country’s infrastructure develop even further and our economy diversify even more, the opportunities for intellectual and industrial growth are endless. The United Arab Emirates has become one of the most dynamic marketplaces in the world and we will continue to drive that progress through honest work, intelligent investments and fair trade.

Marwan Faraj Bin Hamoodah