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HITACHI-ZOSEN (Water / Desalination / Power EPC) Japan

Hitachi-Zosen business domains are Green Energy and Social Infrastructure Development & Disaster Prevention. In the area of energy issues, we are providing energy-from-waste, wind farm, photovoltaic/solar thermal power generation and other technologies, and expanding our business as “The Environmental Hitachi Zosen” in aims of becoming number one in the world. We are also focusing our efforts on everything from constructing seawater desalination plants to solve global water shortages and performing maintenance on aging social infrastructure at risk of collapse to developing GPS wave/tsunami meters and flap-gate type breakwaters that protect people from tsunamis in order to build a safe and secure society.

Company Website: www.hitachizosen.co.jp/english


KUBOTA CORPORATION (Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings) Japan

KUBOTA began its business by manufacturing and selling cast metal products. Since then, we have offered various products including iron pipes for water supply, engines for agro-industrial purposes, and machine tools, contributing to improving human lives and society. We are proud that we have been fulfilling our obligations as a manufacturer throughout our history of continuous technical innovations and product development, striving to contribute to building the modern state, postwar reconstruction, new nation building, and the creation of productive human environments. Our current business and product lines are all based on the basic philosophy, “Society keeps corporations going forward.” We will expand our business with our time-proven expertise and specialty for further development, while steadfastly maintaining our sincere efforts in manufacturing. We will endeavor to improve our technical capabilities acquired over the course of our history in a wider and deeper manner, extend our business frontiers, and make a greater contribution to society.

Company Website: www.kubota-global.net



Serck Services Company (LLC) is a joint venture between Bin Hamoodah Trading & General Services and Serck Services of the UK.

Serck Services is the largest radiator repair company in the world, having over 90 workshops in U.K., 8 workshops in the Middle East and 12 workshops in the United States of America. The company has now been operating in the Middle East for almost 20 years and during this period it has been developing new and improved techniques for radiators and oil cooler manufacture, specifically for extreme climate conditions. The company also manufactures and supply air conditioning coils for buildings and offices.

For vehicles the company provides retrofit and repair services for air conditioning, clutch, brake lining and relining to include brake brands for cranes, hoist and other industrial uses.

As for Industrial and Marine Service, Serck’s extensive technical knowledge ensures all types of marine and industrial heat exchangers can be designed or manufactured to drawings or patterns in our specialized facilities. A full range of specialist cleaning services offer a solution to any cleaning problems, including high power, washing, water drilling and chemical cleaning. A comprehensive restoration service is available, extending the life of exchangers and condensers.

Alongside, offshore or as a riding squad, Serck’s dedicated technicians can re-tube all kinds of head exchangers/condensers including removing and refitting tube plates in place.

While for radiator completes and cooling elements a comprehensive stock is maintained at all our locations, backed up by our manufacturing and distribution centers, both in the UK and the Middle East.

Serck Services is the first radiator company in the Middle East to obtain the ISO 9002 registration – Guaranteeing the Quality of Service and Product registration.

Company Website: www.serckgulf.com



Shanxi Guolian Pipe Industry Group Co., Ltd, being located in YUCI Industrial Park, JINZHONG City, Shanxi Province, covering an area of 150,000 m2, is with total assets of 500 million RMB with annual production capacity of 500,000 tons. Currently, the company has approximately 1000 employees, including many top-ranking technical experts and excellent management team.

Presently, Guolian has ten Spiral Seam Submerged Arc welding(SSAW) Production Lines, one High Frequency longitudinal Seam Electric Resistance Welding (ERW) Production Line, and two Anti-corrosion Production Lines, and a independent professional Testing Center.

Guolian has been certified by many national and international certification authorities, awarded numerous honor titles over the years.

Company Website: www.glzg.com


SYSCOM (Automotive process control and metering solutions) Romania

Established in 1991, SYSCOM 18 is a company with solely Romanian investment specialized in the field of industrial automation equipment and metering systems.

‘Key services’ supplier, SYSCOM 18 has over 800 clients in Romania, Middle East and Central Asia. Most of the orders have been placed for the petroleum and natural gases industry as well as for cement, ceramics, drugs, metallurgy, etc.

Among the most important clients over the years can be mentioned Petrom, Romgaz, Transgaz, Rafo, Mittal Sidex, Inspet, Condmag, Armax, Confind, Arpechim, Petrobrazi, Rominserv, ANRS.

Starting with the year 2000, SYSCOM 18 performed activities abroad in countries like Syria, Kazakhstan, Iran, Libya, Jordan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iraq, Bahrain, Algeria and United Arab Emirates.

The delivered equipment is manufactured by well known companies, according to the best quality standards. SYSCOM 18 signed contracts of exclusive distribution with over 50 companies from Europe, USA and Japan.

Company Website: www.syscom.ro